International Wire & Cable is assisting Sirius in his dream to become a leader dog. Through Leader Dogs for the Blind we have sponsored Sirius on his journey to become a leader dog.

Sirius Leader DogSirius

Personality: Confident, Patient, Sporty

Gender: Male

Favorite Toy: Nylabone® Puppy Teething Star

Zodiac Sign: Leo

Lineage: Dam/Mom: Hazel, German Shepherd

               Sire/Dad: Sawyer, German Shepherd

Growing Up In: Colorado


Sirius is named after a Harry Potter character, Sirius Black, who was known for being loyal and intelligent, and could take the form of a large black dog. He is the 10th puppy for his raisers and the 7th to receive a Harry Potter character name. The raisers began this theme upon learning their niece is blind and plan to continue until she is able to get her own guide dog.

Sirius lives with his raisers near the mountains outside of Denver. He is lucky to have canine friends at home, an 8-year- old German shepherd name Farrah (a career changed Leader Dog) and Boomer, an Australian shepherd.

Sirius loves to chew on his Nylabone® Puppy Star. He often chooses its shape, color and size over the other 10 0 + toy s his raisers keep in their home. When deciding which toy is the “chosen one” for the moment, Sirius MUST pull every toy out from the bin and carefully review ALL his options. Sirius knows that choosing a toy should not be ta ken lightly.

Sirius is very work focused. He behaves like every step he takes is for a purpose and he feels that he should be rewarded appropriately. He makes training very simple for his handler by making it very clear when he believes he is acting correctly – and waits nicely for his treat to be delivered.

TSirius has had the opportunity to visit one of his puppy raisers at work at REI. He met a lot of people that day and was phenomenal throughout, holding a “sit” and not jumping on people who bent down to greet him. Sirius doesn’t look for a lot of attention but is very willing to meet new people and allow them to pet him. He seemed to know quite young that wearing his Future Leader Dog bandana meant that he was “working”.

Sirius uses his ears to set the tone for how he is planning to act and learn each day. If his ears are up and forward, he is ready to work immediately and without delay. However, if his ears have a slight flop to them, his raisers know his mood is playful, which will require them to be more inventive in rewarding him for learning something new.

Best of luck to Weston on his journey to become a Leader Dog.