With the expansion of global technology today, it is important for us to obtain newer, more productive and more cost effective products to stay ahead. It no longer takes months or weeks to obtain some of the best and most advanced equipment on the market from around the world.

Most of these items can be procured within just a couple of days. With new products coming to market, new specs and standards come with the new equipment. The wire and cable industry is always looking for ways to make it easier to identify and segregate wire to make the job of installing and terminating the wire more cost effective, due to time and ease. Identification of the wire helps us to comply with the foreign and United States of America's standards.


Different Wire StripesThe most effective way to identify wire, is to stripe the wire with an additional color. Currently, there are two ways of adding a Stripe to electrical wire.

1st - Spiral stripe

2nd - Vertical or Longitudinal stripe

The spiral stripe, most commonly done here at International Wire, is a stripe that resembles a candy cane. This stripe can be seen from any angle, making identification easy. This stripe is done in house here at International Wire & Cable.

The Vertical, or longitudinal stripe, is run straight down the length of the cable and is typically extruded by the manufacture.

When it comes to identification of electrical wire, there are only ten common colors most manufactures use:

Black, Brown, Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Violet, Gray, and White

Does your job or project call for more color combination than the colors listed above? If so, add a stripe or multiple stripes to any of those base colors to increase your selection. We have the capability’s to stripe up to 3 different colors on one cable in house.

Small Minimums:

Wire Striping Machine

24awg through 10awg wire - 500ft minium required per color

8awg through 2awg wire - 50ft minium required per color

We currently are able to put a spiral stripe on 24awg through 2awg or up to .48”. We can stripe the following types of wire:

Building Wire: THHN, TFFN, XHHW,

Machine Tool Wire: TEW, UL1007, MTW, UL1015

Automotive wire: GPT, GXL, SXL,TWP

Electronic Wire: Fire Alarm, Category Cable, Fiber Optics, Electronic

Not all types of wire that can be striped have been listed. If your need a stripe added to material that isn't listed please contact us. We may have other options available for mark of your wire or cable. If you have any questions or would like to request a sample please give us a call