When it comes to 2-hour fire resistive cables, there are many things to know. From 16AWG 2-conductor Solid Wet-rated FPL to 14AWG 2-conductor 7-Stranded Wet-rated FPL to 18AWG 2-conductor Solid Dual Rated CI/CIC FPLR Unshielded, International Wire & Cable is the place to purchase all of your important 2-Hour certified fire resistive cables covered.  

While there are many specifications to be aware of like compliance and hardware system certifications, International Wire & Cable sells three different classifications of 2-hour fire resistive cables. This includes Wet-Rated FBA Cables, FPLP-CL Cables Unshielded, and Dual Rated FPLR CI/CIC Cable to fit your next fire alarm job. Moreover, these fire alarm cables are 2-hour certified under the UL 2196 standard for fire-resistive cables. They also meet the mandatory NFPA 72: National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code pathway survivability circuit requirements, and are commonly found in the following areas:

2-hour Fire Alarm Cable

  • Fire alarm circuit integrity (NEC Article 760)
  • Emergency systems (NEC Articles 700 & 708)
  • Healthcare facilities (NEC Article 517)
  • High-rises
  • Hospitals
  • Bridges
  • Harbor Tunnels 

There are multiple ways to get all the answers to any questions about 2-Hour Certified Fire Resistive Cables through the website on any product using the “asking a question” tab, you can create an account on our site by clicking here, by email or even calling. Our company has plenty of ways for our present and future customers to find out what they need to get the job done or plan for that next big project using the quality products that we sell.

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