Cut & Strip Wire Processing

International Wire & Cable can process wire from 32 AWG and up to 2 AWG (33.6mm²) battery cable or welding wire to your specified needs. Wire ends can be processed with soldering or tinning on the stripped ends or with simple terminals (eyelets, rings, open spade, quick-connect type, etc.) attached by crimping or soldering. UL certified for processed wire, available upon request.


  • Single Stranded Conductor (32AWG to 2AWG)
  • Solid Conductor (32AWG to 12AWG)
  • Multi-Conductor 9/16" (14mm) max O.D.
  • Parallel Conductor 9/16" (14mm) max width
  • Flat Cable .500" (12.7mm) Max Width
  • Medical Hose Tubing .500" Max O.D.
  • Ribbon Cable .500" wide
  • Full Strip (Slug is removed in processing)
  • Partial Strip (Slug remains on the striped end)
  • Step Striping (Multiple Strips On the end *wire dependent)
  • Mid-Strip (Strip in the middle section of the processed wire *wire dependent)
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