What is Eurokab? Eurokab is a tri-rated wire that is recognized by the USA, Canada and Europe. It carries a UL, CSA, and CE rating.

Eurokab is produced and stocked in the USA, saving you lead time and overseas shipping costs. International Wire and Cable offers Eurokab in both hook-up wire and multi conductor control cables.

Red and Black Eurokab Hook-up WireEurokab hook up wire is for domestic and export usage in machine tool wiring, panels, appliances, internal wiring of devices, electrical, and medical equipment. It has a tinned copper conductor, which can save time soldering and help prevent the wire from oxidizing! Eurokab hook-up wire is 600 volt rated and oil, moisture, and acid resistant. International Wire & Cable is stocking multiple colors and can add up to 3 spiral stripes to the wire if you need additional color combinations.

Technical Data Hook-up Wire
Available Gauge Sizes: 20Awg -  8Awg Temperature rating: -30°C to +105°C
Nominal Voltage: 600V RMS Max Insulation: PVC

Legend: EUROKAB ## AWG (#.##mm2) E125352 (PLANT ID CODE) (UL) BC-5W2¹ OR MTW OR THHW¹ OR AWM 1011/1015/1230/1335 600V OR 1032 1000V MOISTURE RESISTANT VW-1 -- 156016 CSA TEW 105C 600V FT1 OR AWM I A/B 105C 600V FT1 CE - - IW&C 1-800-583-9473

¹BC-5W2 applies only to sizes 8-16 AWG; THHW only applies to sizes 8-14 AWG

Eurokab 25 Conductor Control CableEurokab control cables are used in automotive and machine wiring, the food & beverage industry, processing equipment, and machine tool industry. Eurokab control cables can be used in tray cable applications and tray cable with exposed runs. We are currently stocking Eurokab control cable 16awg wire with blue conductors that are numbered ranging from 7 conductor all the way up to 49 conductor cable. The gray TPE jacket is sunlight resistant. Eurokab control cable is also rated for direct burial use.

Technical Data - Control Cable
Minimum Bend Radius for Installation: 5 x cable diameter Temperature Rating: -40°C to +90°C
Nominal Voltage: 600V RMS Max / 1000V TC Wind Turbine (WTTC) DC Resistance per Conductor @ 20°C: 4.18 Ohms/ 1M' Nominal
Available Conductor Counts: 16awg-7, 16awg-11, 16awg-12, 16awg-19, 16awg-25, 16awg-33, 16awg-43, 16awg-49
Color Code: Blue Conductors w/ white ink print; green/yellow ground; #2 white w/ blue stripe Red conductors w/ white ink print; green/yellow ground (made to order)

Eurokab is a great way to save time and money on the job. If long overseas transit or product manufacturing times are plaguing your job, consider giving us a call about Eurokab. Eurokab is made and stocked in the USA cutting or eliminating your lead times for tri-rated hook-up wire and control cables.