This year International Wire & Cable decided to assist Weston in his dream to become a leader dog..Through Leader Dogs for the Blind we have sponsored Weston on his journey to become a leader dog.

Weston WalkWeston

Personality: Comical, Self-assured, Trusting

Gender: Male

Favorite Toy: KONG Puppy Binkie (Blue)

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

Lineage: Dam/Mom: Josie, Golden Retriever

               Sire/Dad: Buddy, Golden Retriever

Growing Up In: Michigan


Choosing just the right name for a Future Leader Dog can be tough, so Weston's puppy raising family gets their friends and extended family involved. They compile a suggested list of names, then narrow the list and let everyone vote-majority winsl

Weston quickly became an important part of his puppy ra ising family, which includes close friends and the raisers' one-year-old granddaughter, so he'll be used to being around children. Even though he is the only dog in the home, he gets to run and play with other Future Leader Dogs during pre-arranged play dates.

Though Weston's favorite toy is his blue KONG pacifier, he rea lly loves all of his toys. A favorite activity is to dump ALL the toys out of his toy box and then proceed to chew on each one. This is both a morning and nighttime ritual.

Weston is a big, happy fur ball with a bit of a mischievous side. Like many golden retrievers, he loves water! He uses his very large paws to splash in his fresh water bowl. He has even tried to stand in the water dish (he didn't fit).

To teach Weston good manners, his puppy raisers take him to the grocery store, restaurants, shopping mall and parks to learn how to behave correctly in all these environments. Because he is so absolutely adorable and smart, he always draws a crowd. Peopleactually stop and ask to take his picture. He's kind of a celebrity! Through all this activity Weston calmly sits and seems quite unaware of the attention he attracts

Weston has a serious side. When practicing obedience skills like sit and stay, he really wants to learn and please. He is already displaying signs of being very intelligent and loyal. Even at a very young age, he exhibited some very good qualities that are important in a well-behaved Future Leader Dog.

Weston Cert

Best of luck to Weston on his journey to become a Leader Dog.