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  1. 2-Hour Certified Fire Resistive Cables: Here's What You Need To Know!

    When it comes to 2-hour fire resistive cables, there are many things to know. From 16AWG 2-conductor Solid Wet-rated FPL to 14AWG 2-conductor 7-Stranded Wet-rated FPL to 18AWG 2-conductor Solid Dual Rated CI/CIC FPLR Unshielded, International Wire & Cable is the place to purchase all of your important 2-Hour certified fire resistive cables covered.  

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  2. What is Eurokab?

    What is Eurokab? Eurokab is a tri-rated wire that is recognized by the USA, Canada and Europe. It carries a UL, CSA, and CE rating.

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  3. Wire Identification using stripes

    With the expansion of global technology today, it is important for us to obtain newer, more productive and more cost effective products to stay ahead. It no longer takes months or weeks to obtain some of the best and most advanced equipment on the market from around the world.

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